Jul 31, 2022Liked by courtney iseman

I’d love a quick and easy, user-friendly app to track my craft beer journey, remember what I’ve tried (yes I have kids I remember nothing nowadays!), and jot down a few tasting notes, for my personal consumption. Is there an alternative to Untappd that provides this?

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Jul 29, 2022Liked by courtney iseman

I think the quickest way to improve Untappd would be for the app to require a review (of 50+ characters or whatever) with every bottle-cap rating. That would compel people to put more thought into their ratings, and help drinkers use Untappd as they do most other online reviews: They skim through the comments to get a real sense of what people liked or didn't like about a place or product, and get a feel for how many of the bad ratings were simply user error.

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