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First- sorry for your loss. Second- I enjoyed reading this and your previous write up on Mexico City. I lived in the D.F. in Colonia Polanco for five years back in the late 70s. The best tasting beers I ever had were the Tecates we drank in the back room of a local tiendita, while skipping high school classes. The beer itself was a skunky corn-based lager, but the relief was its contrast to the privileged bullshit that pervaded our elite private school (which continued to reek of colonialism 125 years after the American and European incursions). Finally- speaking of brewing-adjacent rom-coms, perhaps you’ve seen Colin From Accounts? Light but very fun 8-episode Australian series. You might need to VPN to the UK and pick it up from BBC iPlayer, if a peer does not have it. More here: https://www.rottentomatoes.com/tv/colin_from_accounts/s01

Cheers for now.

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And when he refers to his canning line as a "canning machine"... not to mention brewing in shorts... But maybe this is what the craft beer scene is like in LA now? The writers falling back on an all-male brewery team and women not liking beer was disappointing.

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I started Platonic this week, and I immediately went stiff when I found out about the "bar" plotline. I had no prior warning, but jumped right into critique mode. Why are we like this? Lol. It's interesting that Rose Byrne's character actually says "brewery" in one scene. Every time I hear "bar" in that show, I cringe. But overall, I really enjoy it.

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