Sitemap - 2022 - Hugging the Bar

74. It's Last Call Here in 2022

73. A Case for Holiday Markets, Pop-Up Bars, and Special Releases, Even If You (Like Me) Identify as Grinch

72. Beer Educator Molly Lamb on Winter Warmers

71. Happy Almost Post-Subpar-Photos-of-Your-Side-Dishes-on-Instagram Day to Those Who Celebrate

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70. I Get So Emotional, Baby, Every Time I Think of Beercations

69. NoBoDy WaNtS tO wOrK aNyMoRe (But Make It Gendered)

68. 9,247ish Breweries in the US Not Enough for Some Beer Bars

67. This Newsletter Is on Fire: Celebrating Smoked Beer

66. Who Is the Homebrewing Simulator For?

65. Craft Beer Is Oversaturated--How Nice Would Just Plain Saturated Be?

64. An Altbier Saved My Life Tonight

63. Beer Preference Shitposts Gotcha Down? Read This Newsletter Instead

62. Bye Hot Girl Summer, Hello Pumpkin-Beer Girl Fall

61. No One Gets to Tell Anyone They're Tasting Beer Wrong, Actually

60. Familiarity Over the Thrill of Discovery, Or What We Drink When We're Sad

59. All Beer Is "Girl Beer"

58. Happy National IPA Day; This Isn't About IPAs

57. Please Give This Issue Five Bottle Caps

56. Laissez les Bon Temps Rouler--with Beer!

55. Hugging the Bar with Infinite Ingredient Founder Katie Muggli

3. Hugging the Bar with Infinite Ingredient Founder Katie Muggli

54. A Virtual Beercation to Quebec with Likam Kyanzaire

53. Spiked: The Danger & Trauma in a Word (and Brands' Tone-Deaf Choice to Market With It)

52. Please Like Me! The Necessary Evil of Instagram in Beer

51. How "Cheers"-ing Was Once Competitive--and Illegal

50. You Deserve Better Beer TV Than "Brews Brothers" and, Obviously, "Brew Dogs"

49. Beer and Musings in Los Angeles

Around the World with Craft Beer from Hong Kong, BrewDog Antics from the UK, and Labor & Politics from the US

47. Is Everyone Hanging Out at CBC Without Me?

46. Cult of Personality: Koch, Watt, Teetering Pedestals, & Debt

45. Cringing on Main: Craft Beer's Not "Cool" Anymore, What Does That Mean for Us Fans?

44. Going Dutch: Why It's Easy to Relate to a 17th Century Brewer-and-Artist

43. Beer's Baby Steps Toward Real, Total Inclusivity--and the Road Ahead

2. Hugging the Bar with Beth Demmon

42. Hugging the Bar with Beth Demmon

41. The Unbearable Weight of Indifference and Wrongheaded Obstinance in the Beer Community

40. The Beerstrology Bonanza

39. Drinkers for Ukraine: How Members of the Beer Community Can Help

38. I Made It Nice! Musings on Vegas Beer, NYC Beer, & RHONY

37. Back in a New York Groove with NYC Beer Week

36. Now for Your Ears, Too! Hugging the Bar Q&A and Podcast, with Writer Ruvani De Silva

1. Hugging the Bar with Ruvani De Silva

35. Beer Foam Is Your Friend (In the Right Time, Right Place--We All Have THAT Friend)

34. Hate Booze But Want a Buzz? Big Beer (and Big Seltzer, and Big Soda...) Has You Covered

33. Turn and Face the Strange: Newsletter Changes & The Brewery That Lies Built

32. That's Hot: Craft Beer's Wild Ride from Pliny the Younger's 2005 Debut to Now

31. The Dry January Noise is Nothing New: Drinking and Judge Judies Have Always Gone Hand in Hand

30. Manifesting a Better Beer Year in 2022